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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  March 27, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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coming up next on eyewitness news. >> good morning, everyone. police arrest more than a dozen city workers on charges involving champagne, a paradise, and thousands of dollars. we are in baltimore with the latest on the investigation. >> nuclear concerns. why the situation in japan's damaged power plants may have just gotten worse? and a live look outside right now. some places are seeing some rare spring snow flurries to start the morning, so what can we expect for the rest of the day? meteorologist tim williams has our answer. >> i am here live in waverley where the ace hardware store has kicked
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off rebuild together baltimore. we will tell you about in just a few. eyewitness news is just seconds away. >> this is wj zee tv. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it is wjz, maryland's new station. >> good morning, and welcome to eyewitness news this sunday. i am judy barnett. >> and i am tim williams. temperatures in the 30s this morning. a little light snow activity this morning. if you woke up early this -- really early this morning, you saw heavy, big flakes coming down. very, very dry out right now. that has been to our benefit. right now much of that selectivity has not been able to make it to the ground. it's just kind of sitting. while there are road crews
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outside of the ready, there is really not much talk -- not much to talk about. you will see that the radar is actually very active this morning and you see a lot of it moving across. this is actually what it looks like outside. as far as going out yourself, you will see clouds and some light snow flurries around, maybe even some dust things on your car. today is around 39 degrees to about 40. forty-three closer to the city. mostly cloudy. tonight 25 degrees. tomorrow just a little bit milder. 48 degrees, chilly, with partial sun sign. >> thank you, tim. here's what people are talking about this morning. we watch a developing situation in japan where there has been another setback as a damaged nuclear reactor. officials reported a huge jump
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in radioactivity in the water at one reactor earlier this morning with levels 10 million times higher than normal. workers have once again been forced to evacuate. radiation in the air was measured at four times the limit being saved by the japanese government. we will continue to keep an eye on the situation and bring you any updates as they come in. dribbling -- drinking and gambling on the job. allegations against more than a dozen city workers. we show how police caught them. >> good morning. police say he was a transportation employee who first reported the gambling. the office of inspector general started looking into the tip and alternately but busted some people. >> 13 employees did this twice a month. the dot building where they work. >> on paydays, which is every other friday, various members of the agency were having a gambling party. >> just before 3:00 p.m. friday, investigators found the workers
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throwing dice. they seized $6300, now each employee faces a misdemeanor gambling charges. >> it was activities after work, not on the job. >> the workers became unruly and started running in different directions. they say one man even became violent with investigators. he is now charged with assault. >> we pay enough in taxes, pay enough for transportation. we pay enough for everything. that's not right. >> a spokesperson says the suspects are part of a special events unit that set the festivals and parades around the city. for now they are all suspended without pay. >> if they lost their jobs, it would send a message to all the other departments. >> they don't want people getting laid off every five seconds. what you are not doing your job anyway. you are not doing the right
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thing. >> police say there were supervisors on-site during the party, but it is unclear if they were aware of the gambling. wjz, eyewitness news. >> court records show several suspects already have criminal records. one is on probation for possessing a handgun. baltimore city police looking for a killer this morning after a man is found stabbed to death. the victim is reginald rag. police tell us someone stabbed him several times in the neck and body. detectives do not have any suspects yet rated. >> she helps shatter the glass ceiling in politics, not tributes are pouring in after the death of geraldine farah wrote. the former vice presidential candidate's life and legacy. >> ladies and gentlemen of the convention, my name is geraldine farah wrote.
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>> she made history in 1984 when she became the first woman to run for vice president on a major u.s. ticket. >> america is the land where dreams can come true for all of us. >> she died at a massachusetts hospital where she was being treated for blood cancer. in a statement, president obama said, geraldine will forever be remembered as a trailblazer who broke down barriers for women and americans of all backgrounds and all walks of life. >> are we going to win this one? >> she was a little-known congresswoman from queens, new york one one thurmont dell chose her as his running mate. >> vice president, it has such a nice ring to it. >> but they lost the election to ronald reagan and george bush in a landslide that november. she never again held public office, losing bid for the senate in
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1992 and 1998. she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 1998 and underwent treatments for years. >> you have to give yourself hope. >> recently, the cancer caused severe publications. doctors say she was surrounded by family when she passed away. geraldine was 75 years old. alexis kristofferson is, wjz eyewitness news. >> the senator called her a trailblazer. is a working weekend in the house of delegates where lawmakers passed a handful of bills yesterday. they approved a plan to allow wine buyers to purchase their favorite vintage online and have it shipped to their home. lawmakers also passed a bill to ban companies from using credit scores when potential workers apply for a job. the governor has not signed either bill so far. if you thought baltimore
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skyline looked a little darker last night, you are right. some of the city's most famous landmarks turned off their lights for earth hour. the lights went out from 8:30 to 9:30 to encourage people to save energy. cities around the world include including new york and paris and even las vegas strip went dark. >> turning now to sports in the ncaa tournament. two teams have punched their ticket to this year's final four after a pair of thrilling games. butler and florida were tied late in overtime. butler was ahead for good. the bulldogs hold onto the win 74-71. of course, you cannot call them a cinderella story anymore. butler cuts down the net advancing to houston. in the meantime, maybe the two best players in the country matched up with yukon walker taking on derrick williams. walker showed off his range in the second half where he hit a
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jumper to give the 5 k for lee. you can't hold on. they leaned -- they win this one. so the final two teams in the final four will be decided today at 2:00 p.m. kansas looks to end a cinderella run of the cu, then at 5:00 p.m. it's kentucky and north carolina. both games are live right here on wbz 13. click on the link at the top of the home page to listen and talk about all the games during the ncaa tournament. >> vcu, who knew? >> and who did know. who even knew what that was. >> forever we will no vcu. >> well, i would love to hear what the chatter on mayhem live is like. i cannot imagine what the fans say during these games.
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i don't think i even really want to know. >> probably a lot of protest and anger. >> we are not going to hear any protests or anger about our forecast today. this is still march, and although it is spring -- we have an in studio guest today. they do either grass services or snow services. we could have had them either way today. let's talk about that. right now we are looking at doppler radar and it is really telling the story. we had some light snow through the region, only trace amounts being recorded by the national weather service. the further south you go, the closer to the source to get. that is definitely where the heavier amounts are. if you're around fredericksburg, you are still seeing the snow move on through toward northeast maryland, over toward the dell marva helling toward easton. we are very, very dry right
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out. much of this is not making it to the ground. the atmosphere does not have a lot of moisture with it, so this is the most untrue. we are starting to wrap it up here even though temperatures are still cold enough to support the snow. 31 degrees. our dewpoint is very low at 21. relative timidity is at 61%. winds are still bringing in the cold air. the state really has been set, but just not a lot of moisture with this system. that works to our benefit. thirty-point 06 is your barometer reading. twenty-nine hagerstown, 30 l 10, 33 ocean city. around the immediate metro area, we still seats temperatures struggling to get above the freezing mark. twenty-nine westminster, 29 delaware, 30
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to 10 highland, annapolis, and then 31 in the nation's capital. with a little moisture, this system could have created a little bit more problem, but it has passed far enough to the south with the cold air moving in. the cold air already draped across the atlantic. just a light breeze coming in from the north. that's still going to help suppress our temperatures down below the average. it began, our normal high for this year for this day is about 57 leaning toward 58. this is the system passed it down with a low center of this all around the carolina line down toward virginia and carolina. all that moisture down there was far enough to the south that kept us on the northern fringe. we have snow moving across the state, just a little bit of a wintry mix down toward the lower eastern shore. charles county reporting just a trace, but a lot of moisture down there. the system continues to move offshore. nothing to hold it up. it will keep on poking out here. behind it, high pressure building. while the separatist -- while
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the temperatures stay cool, but we will be close to normal mice. our sunset today is at north seven. today was just a little morning snow, it is otherwise mostly cloudy. 25 degrees tonight, partly cloudy, and pretty cold. tomorrow 48, chilly, with partial sunshine. 50 degrees tuesday, chance of showers on wednesday and friday. temperatures gradually going up. forty-seven, 55, and 55 to end the week. >> still to come on eyewitness news. massive protests. why people in london took the streets in the biggest. >> mega millions new clues today about who may be holding that lucky $312 million ticket. >> and rebuilding together. baltimore is collecting tolls
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for a toll drive. it's happening at two o ,,,,,,,,
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>> we are back. sunday morning on sunday, march 27th. we are taking a look at a
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pretty calm downtown. new advisories on the water. i am sure the voters will start to make their way out there soon now that spring is underway. temperatures still don't feel much like spring. we are still at 30 degrees give or take a round most of the area. 31 degrees at bwi marshall. 32 degrees cumberland, 31 toward all think, and 34 on the lower eastern shore. we have a low pressure system continuing to move on out of here, and it is moving to our south and out to sea. snow showers are ending the cold air stays with us through today. temperatures stay a little below average. we will be about 43 degrees today. a little morning snow and otherwise mostly cloudy. snow showers are still out there but are heavier down to the south. 25 degrees tonight. for tomorrow starting off your work week, 48 degrees, chilly, with partial sunshine. >> thank you, tim. first, back to some of the other stories
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people are talking about. violent protests on the streets of london. thousands of people crowded central london yesterday to protest government spending cuts. it was the biggest administration since the start of the war in iraq. more than 250,000 people marched peacefully, but there were a few arrests in that small group. police took in more than 200 people. it appears that the lucky mega millions winner is actually seven lucky winners. the winning ticket was sold friday night at a store in albany, new york. they pool there dollars and purchase a ticket together. they have 60 days to decide if they want the money in a lump sum, split seven ways, that is $29 million for each of them. >> well, there's a group in baltimore that provides homeowners with critical repairs that they may not be able to afford, but the effort right now needs your help.
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>> we are live at the a's hardware store in waverly. we have more on the tool drive going on there. first off, welcome back, and good morning. >> good morning, guys. i thought it would be a little warmer when i came back from maternity leave. i didn't expect to see snow flurries at my house this morning. well, we are here for a very good cause. i came back just in time. we are at ace hardware in waverly. for the first-ever tool drive. this tool drive is absolutely fantastic. they have 800 volunteers that will actually work on houses with these tools. the tool drive is actually rebuilding baltimore. we have bonnie better to tell us a little bit about it. >> good morning. how are you? >> we are doing great. basically, you are collecting tools at the two ace hardware's. tell us what people can bring. >> they can bring any debt we used or new tools to donate. we have a couple examples of
8:20 am
things that we would be interested in having people donate. circular saws, total size, power tools, general hand tools. we need all those things to be able to provide two volunteers to help provide home repairs to low income homeowners in baltimore. >> how are you doing so far? basically, everyone is supposed to drop in the bucket. >> we've been doing great. we've had dozens of great tools donated to us. we still need more. people can go into the waverly or federal hill is harbor's. we have a red bucket set up in each store with a sign in front of it. there's a form that people can fill out so we can send them a thank you letter. the hours of the stores are 10:00 to 6:00 today and 8:00 to 8:00 monday through saturday. >> if you don't have these tools, obviously, you can buy a little something and drop it in the bucket as well. this will go on through april 1st. we will have a little bit more about the
8:21 am
tool drive coming up in about 25 minutes. >> thanks. and welcome back. >> thanks so much. >> reporting live from ace hardware in waverly. >> well, eyewitness news coming up on sunday morning, here's what we have in store. >> my exclusive interview with the self-described artisis,,,,,,,,,,
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>> a bomb scare involving the toilet. the man who says he is is possible says he never broke the law. >> we have the revealing interview only right here on wj c. >> duane davis claims he's been wrongfully committed to a mental hospital. in february, he draped -- triggered a bomb scare after placing a decorated toilet outside the county courthouse. he was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, and he's been at saint -- spring grove ever since. >> what was the point of these toilets? >> we all have our stuff to deal with. >> do you consider yourself an activist customer? >> it represents how america treats the underclass. no matter what color you are, no matter
8:25 am
how much money you have, everybody uses the toilet. >> do you understand why anyone would look at that toilet when you see electronic of it can fight electronic equipment on it and maybe think that this was a bomb? >> it was an old tv set. >> i don't mean to offend, but i have to ask this question. are you mentally ill? >> no, sir. they want to claim that i am crazy. i am not bipolar, schizophrenic, nothing. >> we have no independent evaluation of his mental health. >> these people in here in this facility have talked to meet, talk to me, talk to me. i take in test after test after test. i haven't failed the test yet. i know what i did was not against the law. it's my constitutional right of freedom of speech. >> he admits he spent -- he sent a flood of letters to officials. >> are you a threat to any elected official? >> no sir. i've never threatened anybody.
8:26 am
>> would you do anything violent to the governor? >> no, sir. the only thing that would hurt the governor is the truth. that's it. i am a storyteller. >> davis has produced dozens of documentaries meant to expose racial and equalities that we found difficult to understand. other videos feature nine other toilets he plays around both of our city over the last several years. >> before you put the toilet out, you had put numerous toilets out around baltimore city and never got into trouble. why is there a difference? >> political prosecution. i knew they would do something to me because i named public officials. >> what are you going to do if you get out of here? >> i would put the toilets out all over again. it is my right. >> after our interview, he teared up and was escorted back to his cell. adam made, wjz eyewitness news. >> davis plans to act -- asked the court for his release.
8:27 am
>> much more to come on eyewitness news sunday morning. radiation fears, why workers were once again forced to abandon japan's damaged nuclear power plant. >> crisis in libya. details on the first big victory since coalition bombing began. >> and a final tuneup. how the orioles fared in their final spring training game against the team they will see to start the regular season. the details is just ahead. stay with us. stay with us. we are back in a moment. ,, i can't say enough about them. i can go in, get the things i need, and i know i'm saving money. why would i shop anywhere else? at giant, we want to thank you for making us the store you love to shop for over 75 years. this week, look for savings in every aisle, just for you.
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>> your coverage continues. it's wj c marilyn's news station. >> welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. >> at the bottom of the hour, temperatures are holding just around freezing around most of the area. a few bites no showers moving across the region. no real consequence. only trace amounts coming down. to that credit, road crews are out at the ready. i have seen several this morning. i don't think we will really see too much of a problem here. this is a moving through will continue to move out of here. we have clouds and light snow showers, but this is the tail end of a
8:31 am
system that is moving in. the heaviest amounts down to the south of the state down into virginia and west virginia. and now on eastern shore seeing some light snow. the forecast is going to stay cool if i stay cold. 43 degrees as our daytime high. 25 degrees tonight, partly cloudy, and it remains cold. chili with partial sunshine. it without your complete updated forecast in just a few moments. >> thank you, tim. here's what people are talking about this morning. we continue to watch the situation in japan this morning where there has been another setback at that damaged nuclear reactor. officials reported a huge jump in radio activity at one of the plants reactors overnight. radiation levels in the units water were 10 million times higher than normal. radiation in the air was measured at four times the limit being safe by the japanese government. workers have once again been forced to evacuate. stay with eyewitness news online and on air for any updates as they become available. a big turnaround for libyan rebels this weekend with the first major win for the uprising since coalition forces started shelling the military.
8:32 am
we have the latest. >> libyan rebel danced on burned-out tanks, and flew their flags saturday. they retook the coastal city after feeding back sources. >> olivia woman claimed that she was repeatedly sexually assaulted by government troops for two days. before she could finish her story, government security guards stopped in pushing journalists out of the way. hotel staff grabbed the woman and threw her out. outside, she raised her dress to show her bruised body before security drove her away. >> she is, basically, safe and well with the criminal investigation. >> attacks are among the reasons the united nations voted for a no-
8:33 am
fly zone. the u.s. has led the effort, but american generals expect nato to presume command on sunday. >> president barack obama says the mission is succeeding. >> every day the pressure on gadhafi and his regime is increasing. >> allied forces pounded ground troops and other targets along the mediterranean coast. they were only able to retake the land because of coalition airstrikes. they flashed peace signs in celebration but they were fighting lies ahead. wjz eyewitness news. >> and now that we have learned that the rebels have taken the key oil town as they continue to push west, u.s. leaders say they believe american forces are not responsible for any civilian deaths in libya. more and more mail-in troops can't -- called to war. the maryland event support is a small group that provides services for the national guard.
8:34 am
they hosted their mustard day this weekend. it was a chance to get soldiers to sharpen their skills and to build, moderate. outrage after baltimore city workers are charged with drinking and gambling on the job. >> we pay enough in taxes. we pay enough for transportation. we pay a enough for everything. that's not right. >> police say 13 department of transportation employees met twice a month of the building where they worked on eastern addison street. on friday investigators on the workers playing around of dice around a bottle of champagne. a dot spokesperson says the suspects are part of a special events unit that sets up festivals and parades around baltimore. they are all suspended without pay. baltimore city fire fighters hit the neighborhoods to prevent deadly fires. the firefighters went door-to- door yesterday installing fire arms. they picked this neighborhood because a man died in a fast-moving fire
8:35 am
there on tuesday. his house did have a working smoke detector. it helps three people escaped the burning home. >> i think it is real nice that they in and check the smoke detectors. you never know when it might happen to you. >> firefighters say if you need a smoke alarm, visit your neighborhood fire station. the detectors are free. beautifying the baltimore area. volunteers had into the woods to remove tons of trash. the group hopes what they did this weekend will lead to even more success in the future. >> walk down this road and you will be amazed what you can find. >> metal siding, we got that. the hard top from a jeep? yup. all found because volunteers cared enough to find it and haul it out of the woods. >> we need to start cleaning of our state. i mean, they are using our
8:36 am
waterways as dumps. >> our mission is to preserve, protect, and enhance. >> not only is this a cleanup day, but also a day to train 25 people who will supervise future cleanups. >> they are like the managers, because a lot of people don't realize it takes 10 hours of cleaning time. a lot of people just show up at the spring cleanup, but they don't realize the behind-the-scenes things that happen. >> the trash are the invasive species, vines, and plants. >> it gives the native plants space to grow again because they get crowded out by the invasive species. >> hundreds of pounds will be removed today. so tons and tons remain. >> people tend to be more respectful if they see a clean area. >> with a new set of leaders, they expect to do more of these cleanups this year. wjz eyewitness news. back to you. >> if you want to help, we have a link
8:37 am
to the greenway. click on the news tab at the top of the homepage. >> turning now to sports. the orioles take on the tampa bay rays with just a few chances left to fine tune things before the season. they hope this kind of offense carries over into the regular season scoring a decisive 7-2 victory. on friday baltimore opened its 2011 campaign with a three-game series against the same tampa team. and as a reminder, the orioles play there first home opener april 4th against the detroit tigers. you can watch that game live right here on wj c. and we don't know when the ravens will kick off their season again, but when they do, they will have some new cheerleaders on the sideline. take a look.
8:38 am
ravens or rockettes? i'm not sure. the hopefuls went through one last round of tryouts last night showing off their skills and dancing ability. this is the first time the final audition was open to the public. and another ravens related note. 3-0 as a professional boxer last night. he's known for actually having 90 pro -- or 90 amateur fights. our media partner reports his next fight is scheduled for the end of the month -- of next month in texas. he has had more amateur fights than many professionals have. he has over 90 amateur fights, so he is the real deal. >> i'm not quite sure how that translates, because if you have amateur fights, aren't those they are not as tough as professional fights, right? >> itsy resume.
8:39 am
when you get in as a pro, you are ready. >> you have to get beat up like 90 times. >> [ laughter ] >> i'm sure nothing intimidates him when he gets to the football field. >> good luck to him. >> this is what we are looking at. that is the tv tower just out in our backyard looking at some clouds. pretty heavy cloud cover out there moving on through. that is pretty much the story. those clouds have some snow coming from them across much of the area. a first morning live doppler radar tells the story. we have at the clouds, had the snow. the snow is starting to dissipate. it's moving off to the east with the center moving down to the south and southeast. a lot of the heavier bands you see are down to the south of our state and moving off the eastern shore.
8:40 am
that's what we've been dealing with. if you go outside and see any snow in your car, very dry. not a lot of moisture with this which is why we escaped any accumulation. just a little reminder. winter is only about one week ago, exactly one week ago today. we are still trying to get this transition into the season with temperatures struggling to get up to springlike levels. right now at 30 degrees at bwi marshall. relative humidity of 68% with that northwind bringing in very cold air. high pressure starts to go back into the region. the high pressure will start to clear our spies out again, bring us a little more sunshine heading into tomorrow. that cold air will stay with us. we stay well below our normal highs of the mid to upper 50s now. twenty-four oakland, 32 cumberland, 30 okay, 34 oceans city. a cold spot seems to be in westminster at 28 degrees. this cold air is still wrapped around
8:41 am
high pressure that is up in canada. it is that flow around the hike still bringing that cold air down from canada across much of the eastern seaboard. we have still been on the low edge of the high pressure. we have been on the northern edge of the low pressure that brought all of the snow and rain down to our neighbors to the south. you see the snow here moving across southern pennsylvania across maryland with the wintry mix transitioning down around virginia and on the low it self down around the virginia/carolina coastline. as it continues to move away, it will pull what is left of the system with it and then the high pressure starts to take over again. a few chances for showers wednesday and friday of this week i'm up in the meantime we see a good bit of sunshine. temperatures only gradually rebound. we will be in the mid-50s starting tuesday and then start going up from there. no advisories on the water, but there's a northwind at five to 10 knots. this is how your forecast shapes up. 43 degrees are daytime high.
8:42 am
still pretty chilly down even in the evening hours. 50 degrees today, 47 on wednesday with a chance of showers, and then 55 and 55 for thursday and friday. >> much more to come on eyewitness news. despite the chill in the air, it's time to start thinking about getting your lawn ready. >> we will show you all the new toys this season designed to make yardwork of reese. >> am i alive in waverly at the ace hardware. they are participating in a tool drive with rebuilding together baltimore. we will tell you how you can participate as well. >> albright, sharing. first, here are yesterday's winning lottery numbers. good luck. ,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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>> we are looking at 30 degrees and cloudy. it's a 45:00 this sunday morning. welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. if you are looking to get involved in helping the community, it may be as easy as hoping clear out your garage. >> more of the efforts to
8:46 am
collect donated tools. i would imagine you have used some tools to put together a crib or playpen in the last few months. >> i didn't do it. my husband was all about doing that. he actually was a little bit challenged on that stuff. he can put together anything, but apparently when it comes to kids stuff, it's a little bit more difficult. we are out here in waverly for a great cause. this is for rebuilding together baltimore. now, this is a group that collects tools and uses those tools to help people fix up their houses and other projects. we have bonnie baxter here who will tell us a little bit more about the organization first. >> good morning. how are you? thank you for having me. it's a nonprofit organization that provides home repairs for low income homeowners. most of the folks we serve our seniors. they just can't keep up with a repairs anymore. we focus on repairs that help
8:47 am
get them warmer, safer, and dryer in their homes. >> he told me that you have more than 800 volunteers. what the staff is doing right now is doing this tool drive. now tell me what you need. >> we need all kinds of debt relief -- all-caps of gently used tools. we have a father has been donated. we could use another one of these. also, power tools. and what will happen is our volunteers will then use those tools to provide the home repairs to the low income home owners. this makes it possible for us to serve more people. >> and it's really easy to donate. all you have to do is go to an ace hardware here in waverly or the one in federal hill. they have a red bucket. you can buy something and drop it off or bring something as you are cleaning out your garage. this tool drive goes on through april 1st. if you can help out, definitely do it. back over to you guys. >> thank you.
8:48 am
reporting live from waverly at the ace hardware store. >> still ahead on eyewitness news sunday morning, if you look outside, you may not believe it, but we are in spring. >> we are talking about a different kind of tool. we are talking about man tools. we will talk about all the stuff you need to keep your lawn looking great thisis,,,,,,
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>> believe it or not, it's spring. there is snow on the ground in places, but what do you do? you prepare for spring. >> you have to get the snow to fertilize the grass, but the guys are easier to tell us about everything we need to get ready for the new season.
8:51 am
gentlemen, thank you for being here this morning. >> thank you for having us. thanks for not having the snow in the forecast. >> you could've had a snowblower series only. >> first, i wanted to talk about some new stuff that john deere hats in addition to the equipment that we have here on the table today. we do have a not -- new-line 00 turn mower is. we want to talk about that. and it is also see five season. deere with this before. >> people just don't want to spend time on their lawns. >> exactly. it keeps the beverage is cooler that way. >> this one here i see the handle up top, but tell me that it is self-propelled. >> is it something you take home and you can probably pretty much do it yourself -- it doesn't matter your yard
8:52 am
side or lawn size. >> this is for most residential yards up to three quarters of an acre. it does have a banking system to it. but we do want to talk about, in addition to some of the new machines, what you can do to maintain some of the machines you already have. >> that's right because a lot of people have had their lawn mowers in the garage or where ever they store them and now it's time to dust them off and bring them out. >> people don't think about it until the grass is growing. basic things you want to do, and john do have a tuneup kit here that comes with everything that you need. everything you need in one convenient kit. what you want to do is every year at least root place your air filters. you can see the obvious reasons why you want to do that. another spark plugs. the one thing you want to do, do the basics yourself and then lawn mower blades are pretty critical as well. you can see from a new blade to a bad blade and then a very bad
8:53 am
blade. >> it can hurt somebody. >> of course, you have a weed wacker here. you have to kind of fine tune it as well. >> yes. >> i like this. >> [ laughter ] >> walk us through some of the other things you may need. >> you still have a spark plug, still have air filter. you need to change these annually as well. if you're not feeling comfortable, we do have home maintenance where we will come to you and to the service right at your home. >> say no more. >> [ laughter ] >> zero turn mower. >> what is the price. for some of the things? people say, okay, i have a new home. what do you spend for some of these new machines? >> these are in the 400 or $500
8:54 am
range for the entry-level ones, and the zero turn gets into five, $6000 range. it is much like the ones you see the commercial guys using on the side of the road. >> and what about the service on these? what are you spending for that? >> service starts around the mid one hundreds. like i said, we can come out of your home or bring it into you. we have six locations out in the area. you can actually schedule service right online. it has a quick checklist of what we will do online. if you want a guy, you can go on there. >> thank you guys. >> if you go on their website, you will see the segment on their facebook page. finch services, thank you so much. >> we will be right back. ,,,,,,
8:55 am
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8:57 am
>> 48 degrees tomorrow, chance of showers on wednesday and friday. >> really quickly. you are saying for folks who want to get their lawns together, do it now. >> don't wait. >> could you guys take this away,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:58 am
8:59 am
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